Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brandon Heath/Jars of Clay

Got free tickets on Saturday night to see Brandon Heath and Jars of Clay at the Carson Center. We got the tickets through the guitar player for Jars of Clay who is related to a friend of mine.  The concert was awesome and Brandon Heath was so down to earth.  He came out for autographs and instead of sitting behind a table, just hung out with the crowd.  He was super nice and oh, so very talented!  Check out his music if you don't know him already!

We girls said goodbye to daddy tonight!  Always difficult to do, but I lightened the mood for everyone by planking on the hood of his car!  He laughed himself sick!  Wish I had taken a picture.  Next week, I am going to owl on his car....Hee-Hee.  Look it up, people!

The week has been really rough with Madeline.  She seems to be doing better but keep praying.  If the tummy stuff does not resolve soon, we may have to take her to a specialist.  Trying to avoid that if we can!  Molly is doing well at school and seems to be settling into the middle school schedule.  I am getting ready to start Fall Festival at Concord.  I have been ticket chair for the last three years so September and October are always busy for me at the school.  

Thought the horrible heat was over but it is supposed to hit 99 on Thursday.  Uuuggghhh.  Make sure you laugh at me in January when I am complaining about the sub-zero temps!  Yes, I admit it...I am a Fall/Spring girl.  No extremes for me...!

Hope you are all doing well.  Got to skype with Grandma Carol the other night so for anyone else who skypes, give us a call!  Lots of fun!

Love to you all!

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