Saturday, September 3, 2011

Joy Of My World!

September 4th, 2003:

I went to see Dr. Greene for a check-up.  I was 8 days over my due date and ready to internally combust.  So, I unleashed a monsoon of teardrops and my sweet doctor said, "Let's get you over to the hospital and get this little gal here!"  Praise God!  Within four hours, my darling, sweet girl was placed in my arms.  What a tiny piece of God's great glory and love!  I knew she had been hand-picked for me and that I had been equally appointed for her.  No day passes where I don't praise God for the great gift He has given me.  I love my Madeline and I know the rest of you do, too!  But, enough with the sentimental mommy honey-drip...Here's to 8 years filled with...

Sleepless nights, snorting giggles, 12-foot waves of baby spit-up, thumb-sucking, DeeDee holding, cartwheel turning, endless work on telling time, begging you to brush your teeth, tangled hair, cranky mornings, millions and millions of kisses, banging your arm on every door-frame, picking up the cat up by her hind legs, fears of getting to bed past 8, Pippi Longstocking movie marathons, dirty underwear folded up neatly in your drawers,   always wanting to be in my lap, screaming when daddy walks in the door!

I love your crazy ways and am excited about what your 8th year holds!


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