Friday, September 16, 2011

September is NEVER going to end....

Yes, for those who have not picked up on my sarcasm and anger...I hate the last part of the summer with a passion.  Hell is nothing but one long September that you have to endure for all of eternity.  More of a reason for me to spend each day walking closer with Christ so I can be in a cool climate forever.  I dream of pumpkin spice cappuccinos from Starbucks, candy corn (the harvest mix, of course) and corduroy anything.  If I could wear corduroy underwear, I would.

So, with all that said, we are all trying to be patient as October peaks around the corner.  The girls are doing well.  Troy is working hard in Clarksville.  We miss him very much but he is coming home on Wed nights to visit with us.  I know that exhausts him but he says he wants to come and see us.

I hope each of you is doing well.  I will leave you with some chuckles....Every week, my youngest child gets snarkier and more sarcastic.  While I am deciding how many smacks she deserves on her backside, I hope you enjoy these Madelisms.....

To Mommy when I wasn't paying attention to her..."Hey lady, I am trying to ask you a question."

To Mom after dinner..."Can I go play in my room like a small child should?"

Conversation between mom and Madeline..."Why does Molly like to go to the stables?"  "She likes horses."  "Molly is a horse's butt."  

Madeline to her teacher, "You are not challenging me enough in math."

Mom to Madeline..."You are in my you mind."  "Nope, do you?"

Have a great week!

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