Friday, September 23, 2011

Look! The sky is falling!

Don't get me wrong...I don't want anyone to die...but I am really excited about this 1 ton, bus-sized satellite aimed straight for America.  I mean, really, how exciting can one Friday night get?  And, the best part, they can't pinpoint the location  until about five minutes before it hits so we all get to participate in the solar excitement of whom and where the fireball could land. This is better than anything I could rent from RedBox....Oh well, hope you all make it.  If I don't blog again, you'll know why....

Had an epiphany the other night that woke me up from a deep sleep and slammed me into a concrete wall.  Here I am, grateful, that Molly is still years away from driving.  After all, that is when the real worries start, don't they?  Until, I realized that for the past few months, I have been letting Molly drive without a seat belt on a large convertible with a tail.  Now granted, she is wearing a helmet, but what is a few inches of plastic between her and certain death?  Not a whole heck of a lot...Am I bad mother for letting my child be best friends with a 1,000 pound monster that drops almost as much poop a day as it's body weight?  The other night, she came home and told the delightful story of how Avante stepped down on her foot and pinned her for a few minutes until two other girls came and pushed the great beast off of her.  Dear God, I need a sedative.

Now, on to Thing 2...after going to the teacher a few weeks ago and asking her to increase her math workload, Madeline hit a road block.  She got back a math paper with four problems wrong.  She stood up, marched up to the desk, and according to her teacher, stated, "I am not the least bit impressed with my performance on this assignment.  If it is okay with you, I would like to redo it and improve my overall grade average."  What did I give birth too.....?  A politician?  Nothing like being up at the school and EVERY second grade teacher telling you the same hilarious story about your kid.  Yes, the Yates make life very exciting wherever they go...

Troy, poor, sweet thing...still on 5-10s right now.  Comes home in an exhausted mess to a manic, compulsive wife who is cranky from playing single mom all week.  I do try to make each weekend as peaceful as can be, but as life usually proves to us, this is an impossible feat.  Our goal for most weekends is trying not to leave a mark when we start throwing dishes at each other.  The kids love it when we fight...good family times.

God is so good!  We have all we need and so much more!  Praying for each of you as you go about your week!  Love to everyone!

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