Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Bird Flew Out of the Nest!

Molly first day of Kindergarten & Madeline (2 years old))

Should that sweet baby be going to middle school???  Oh, man, I can't believe it is already here!  Last night, Molly and I went to middle school registration.  She is very excited!  Walked out confused and scared, but with a schedule in hand and a new cool, hot pink Heath Middle tee-shirt!  I think she will be wearing that on the first day of school.  After meeting the teachers and decorating her locker (a must-do for complete middle school success), we did a mock run-through of her schedule, starting from the bus drop-off to seventh period.  Don't we all remember those first few days of big school!  

Lost my marbles this weekend and had a yard sale in hell...Can't believe people came with a heat index of over 100...But, I MADE 100 and that was worth a little bit of sweat.  While I was working the yard sale, Troy and Molly went to Current River with the youth group.  They traveled five miles down an icy cold, not-so-currenty river and ended up with burned backs and sore arms from paddling   Molly said, "There were way too many people there with Bud Lights!"  But, fun was had by all and I got stuck cleaning dirty lake towels/clothes.

Sunday, we all sat in the congregation of Friendship Baptist, no lights, no sound system, no visual, and thanked God our church was still standing!  The people from the electric company said the church had been hit by lightening on Saturday night and the whole wiring system was burned to a crisp.  They said our church should have been in a heap of ashes that morning but we know God had another plan!  Praise God!  

On our way to school physicals and then to Madeline's registration for 2nd grade.  Not much we need to do, though.  We were up at the school yesterday and Madeline talked her new teacher's ear off for about an hour while I did PTO stuff!  She is certainly ready for the 2nd grade!  

Love to you all!  Have a blessed week!

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