Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Survived....

Yes, we are still alive!  We made it through the first week of school!  I am exhausted...the girls are exhausted...I think the dog is even tired!  Molly has to get up at 6:00 and catches the bus to the middle school at 6:40.  Classes start at 7:30.  Madeline sleeps in a bit and we have to have her at school at 8:40.  I had wanted to take Molly to school but decided not to for several reasons.  It is a good 15 minute drive for me to get there...(I will receive no sympathy from you city folk who have to drive longer to get places!).  But, to us small town people, I can usually get anywhere in ten minutes so driving out to Timbuktu for the middle school really starts my morning off with queasiness.  The other reason is sweet Maddi...what would I do with that girl from 7:20 until at the mall????  I really think she needs her sleep so I pack Molly on the bus each morning and pray for her safety.  The afternoons are so much better!  Molly rides the bus home and gets here at 2:50.  We have about an hour together before Thing 2 gets home from the elementary school.  Great time to do homework or chat about the daily soap opera of middle school girls....

Molly ended the first week of middle school in a tirade of drama.  She walked in, dropped her backpack, fell face-first onto the couch and in a muffled voice, declared that she hated middle school.  Her locker is too high up and she is too short to get books off the top shelf, lunch is filled with gossipy girls, and she doesn't have enough time to get from class-to-class...Wow!  Doesn't this sound familiar to all of us???  Guess school never changes:)  

Madeline has loved every minute of second grade.  She has a darling teacher and already she is Madeline's favorite teacher of all time!  The first day of school, she came home with a yellow Positive Incident Referral card.  These are handed out to students who have fabulous behavior/manners.  Her's stated that she was a great listener.  Did I hear that right????  Madeline Yates?????  Do they have the wrong child????  I am positive that I have to ask that kid fifty time a day to clean her room!  Might check and see if there are two Madeline Yates in her class.  That has to be why!

Troy got home on Happy Thursday Night.  And, of course, we were happy!  He and I missed our 14th anniversary together so we spent Friday together without the kids.  Very nice to have him to myself!  We went to lunch together and basically came home to be lazy.  That's the best way to spend an anniversary!

Hope you are all doing well.  Have seen a break in the heat down here so we are enjoying the outside a whole lot more.  We love you all!

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