Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Blogged Christmas Greeting!

Merry Christmas!
It has been the most beautiful, imperfect year!  I wouldn't want it any other way.  2013 has been filled with closed doors and open windows, but as always, it has been an adventure...I pray God has blessed each one of you this year and you have experienced the glorious grace and mercies that our Savior has to give!

Let's start with the youngest of the bunch...Madeline spent 90% of the year in her nightgown.  Besides staying constantly cold and sleepy, she still had time to make her room into a glorified wreckage site.  We call her room "Area 51" since we know there are alien life forms that have yet to be discovered and identified.  We drew the line at allowing popcorn to remain behind the bed.  We struggled with Singapore math this year, but made up for any academic discrepancy by excelling in overdue and lost library books.  Madeline accepted Jesus into her heart..a move that not only delighted Troy and I but gave us encouragement that maybe, just maybe she does sometimes listen to our good advice.  She is cuddly and her cheeks are soft and she still wants me to hold her a bit....

Molly got taller this year, curlier, and well, just plain crankier.  We have decided that hormones are actually evil spirits that cause teenage girls to do uncontrollable actions like rolling the eyes, stomping feet, and slamming of doors.  No amount of slapping her upside the head and saying, "Spirits be gone" seem to have helped.  We pray for her a lot.  Molly started the violin this year...I have yet to the find the mouse that is living under the strings.  She stinks like a horse on most days, lives in cowboy boots, listens to country music, and hasn't had a good hair day (according to her) in over a year.  She is expensive and high maintenance, but her laugh is music to my ears and I have yet to see anyone's eyes sparkle with such life and joy!

Troy has decided to stay around for another year.  With much pleading, he committed to love us all for yet another hectic year.  He sits in my favorite chair and hogs the television, refuses to take ballroom dancing with me, and makes fun of me because my cholesterol is higher than his. After years of him accusing me of stealing his socks and using them to dust the house, I started just taking socks for fun to drive him crazy...one single sock at a time.  But, oh, how he loves his daughters.  He leads us to church every Sunday and prays with us and for us. The day I bent over and split my pencil skirt and started to cry, he hugged me and let me soak his nice Ralph Lauren dress shirt with my huge alligator tears.  He still loves me and I am crazy in love with him.

As for myself, I caught a dishtowel on fire when I laid it on top of a candle, murdered my 17 year old cat, and gained 2 lbs (I swear it looks like 10 and I didn't really murder my cat.  She was old and needed to go).
This is the first year that I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies every time I get out of bed in the morning.  I drank somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 cans of sparkling water and ate at least 40 bags of those veggie straws.  They are so good.  I became addicted to Breaking Bad and found myself using words like glass and ice so I would sound really street-smart with my friends.  I bowled a few good games under the pseudonym "Cookie" and played a few killer hands of Rook.  Thank you Leigh Ann...you are the best partner ever.  I got to spend another year loving my sweet daughters and watching them grow into amazing young ladies.  I wouldn't say I am the best housewife but I sure can dance to Staying Alive and that makes me super awesome.

Oh, and Duncan!  He needs medication for anxiety but we love him and seems to tolerate us pretty well, too!

On my final note, I want to share some of the gifts I have gotten this year....My parents and Troy's parents...Thank you for loving us and claiming us as your spawn.  It must be difficult sometimes.  Family....same sentiment as above!  My fabulous "besties",  Kelley, Mandy, and Mary...love our coffee time each week.  What a treasure!  My darling Melissa....The sister I never had.  You have taught me more about Christ's love than any friend I have ever had!  Morgan, Chad (a.k.a, Laverne and Glenn) and Gracie Goose...Our little adopted family and bowling partners...Mrs. Sandy...if Molly has it her way, you will be the Mother of the Bride along with me at her wedding!  Thank you for helping me raise her!  The  barn family...No texting before 6am...EVER.  My wonderful, precious gym moms and gymnasts...You have loved and supported me when times got tough.  You are my cheerleaders (and you know how I feel about cheerleading!)  Leighann and Craig...we aspire to be such amazing parents...and you play some mean Rook, too! 

May God truly bless you and your loved ones this year!  God is so good to give us the greatest gift of all!  Praise Jesus, my wonderful Savior!


  1. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!!! We love each one of you dearly!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly!!!

  2. Oh Ms. Wendy your sweet Molly makes my day as do all my barn girls! My life has been all the richer for your family and Miss Molly!

  3. much love from us!! Merry Christmas!!!